Arrangements for withdrawing legacy GCSEs and A levels

Withdrawing legacy qualifications

As new GCSEs, AS and A levels are introduced, the current, ‘legacy’ qualifications are being withdrawn. In some subjects, legacy qualifications will be replaced by new ones developed for learners in Wales, in other subjects they will be replaced by qualifications that are also offered in England, and in some subjects GCSEs or A levels will cease to be offered altogether.  

We have now confirmed all the subjects in which reformed GCSEs, AS and A levels will be reformed in Wales as well as those subjects in which qualifications reformed in England are intended to be made available to learners in Wales. The full list is available here.

Key dates for withdrawing legacy GCSEs and A levels

The following table lists all subjects in which GCSEs and A levels are currently offered. For each qualification we explain: 

  • what the re-sit arrangements will be  

  • when the legacy specification is being withdrawn 

  • when last exams and any re-sits will take place 

  • whether the subject is being discontinued or replaced by a reformed qualification  

  • and whether the replacement qualification will be specifically designed for award in Wales, or is one that is being developed for award in England.

Legacy GCSEs 
GCSEs scheduled for final award in 2016

Legacy AS and A levels 
AS and A levels scheduled for final award in 2016

Legacy GCSE, AS and A levels awarded in Wales after 2018
The following legacy GCSEs, AS and A levels will continue to be available in Wales after summer 2018.