Summer 2018

Exam Entries

We have published provisional data on the number of entries for this summer’s GCSE, AS and A level exams. The following infographics highlight some of the key points.

You can see a more detailed summary of the data in our publications section, here, where you can also download the full statistical report. 

  GCSE summer entries        AS summer entries        A level summer entries

Letter to schools

Here is the letter outlining our regulatory approach to awarding the summer 2018 examinations.

Spotlight articles

We are publishing a series of articles on the new GCSE, AS and A level qualifications, as well as the new Key Stage 4 and Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate (please see links below). The series will include a summary of the key changes to the new qualifications and what they might mean for the results in August, along with themed articles intended to increase understanding of the awarding process.

English                        Marking                                              Welsh Baccalaureate

Mathematics                Common Myths                             Reformed AS and A level Qualifications

Welsh                           Comparable Outcomes                 GCSEs – linear and unitised

Science                        Setting Grade Boundaries           GCSEs – Tiered assessment


Once all exams have been sat, we will publish more information here about how we will oversee this summer’s awards.


On A level and GCSE results days, we will publish more information here about overall outcomes in Wales.