The Welsh Baccalaureate

The Welsh Baccalaureate (Welsh Bacc) is an award made up of a combination of qualifications including:

  • the Skills Challenge Certificate – a new and innovative, skills-based qualification that enables learners to develop the skills for education, employment and life;
  • GCSEs in English or Welsh Language and Mathematics or Mathematics-Numeracy;
  • a choice of supporting qualifications of a specified size and level;

The Welsh Bacc is awarded at three levels:

  • Foundation Welsh Baccalaureate (level 1), awarded at key stage 4 or post-16;
  • National Welsh Baccalaureate (level 2), awarded at key stage 4 or post-16;
  • Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate (level 3), awarded at post-16 only.

The Skills Challenge Certificate assesses skills for further study and employment and comprises four components. These four components are common to all levels and enable learners to develop the skills needed for education, employment and life:

Skills Challenge Certificate


Skills developed and assessed

1.     Individual project


To develop research skills


  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Digital literacy

  • Critical thinking and    problem-solving

  • Planning and organisation

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Personal effectiveness

2.     Enterprise and Employability 

To develop enterprising skills and attributes to enhance employability


3.     Global Citizenship Challenge



To develop knowledge and understanding of world issues


4.     Community Challenge 

To identify and participate in community -based opportunities

Learners’ work for each component of the Skills Challenge Certificate is marked by teachers in schools and colleges, and after internal standardisation, a sample of work is moderated by WJEC.

To be awarded the Welsh Baccalaureate, learners must achieve the Skills Challenge Certificate and the other qualifications that it specifies. The Welsh Baccalaureate at each level is graded as a pass or fail.

The Skills Challenge Certificate can be awarded as a qualification even if a learner does not achieve the necessary combination of qualifications to be awarded the Welsh Baccalaureate.

The Skills Challenge Certificate is equivalent in size to a GCSE (at levels 1 and 2) or an A level (at level 3) and is graded as follows:

  • Foundation  (level 1) – Pass* and Pass
  • National (level 2) – A* to C
  • Advanced (level 3) – A* to E

For more information about the Welsh Bacc or the Skills Challenge Certificate, please see the links below:

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