QiW Update

Qualifications Wales are pleased to be able to announce the following updates to QiW:

Multiple select functionality

When searching for qualifications on QiW, you are now able to select more than one value to search for in the following fields:

  • Qualification Type
  • Qualification Level
  • Qualification Sub Level
  • Awarding Body
  • Sector Subject Area
  • Sub Sector Subject Area

Awarding body comments box

Awarding bodies are now able to add comments to qualification records on QiW.  This will enable awarding bodies to add additional notes when submitting qualifications to QiW for Approval or Designation. These comments will only be visible to the awarding body that entered them and to Qualifications Wales.  Please note, if a comment is added to any qualification records other than those currently in a pending state, Qualifications Wales will NOT be notified. 

Please therefore ensure you notify Qualifications Wales directly at recognitionandapproval@qualificationswales.org

Refer back comments available on the qualification record

If Qualifications Wales require any further information in order to Approve or Designate a qualification on QiW, the comments found in the notification email issued will also appear on the qualification record.

Abort function on qualifications ‘Pending More information’.

Awarding bodies now have the ability to abort qualifications currently within the ‘Pending more information’ state. 

Further qualification documents field renamed

The ‘Further qualification documents’ field has been renamed ‘Supporting Evidence’ to provide clarity to awarding bodies using the system.

Duplicate check on QAN codes

QiW will run a check on the QAN code of any qualification submitted for review.  If it is identified that the qualification already exists in the system, awarding bodies will not be able to complete the submission.

Please can awarding bodies continue to use the Amendment and Withdrawal Forms downloadable from the track screen on QiW until further notice.