Vocational Qualifications

A vocational qualification is a recognised award designed to provide learners with the knowledge, skills and/or competence directly relevant to a line of work or specific job role.


Vocational Qualifications are available from Entry Level to Level 8 of the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales. Qualifications can range in size and level from, for example, an Entry Level certificate in Child Development, to a Level 8 Diploma in Direction and Leadership.

Many vocational qualifications are, and will continue to be, offered primarily on a three- country basis (Wales, England and Northern Ireland). Therefore, many vocational qualifications in Wales will be identical to those awarded elsewhere in the UK.


All vocational qualifications in Wales have been classed as one of the following, in line with European conventions:

  • IVETs (introductory qualifications suitable for all ages)
  • CVETs (continuing qualifications linked to occupational competence and suitable for those over the age of 16)

IVETs are suitable for those younger than 16, but both IVETs and CVETs can be used post-16. This will help to ensure that young people take qualifications appropriate for their age and stage, and can gain an introduction to a sector or subject before progressing to competency- based qualifications.


Wednesday 4 January, 2017
Author: Qualifications Wales

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04 January 2017