Awarding Body Recognition

In order to offer regulated qualifications in Wales an awarding body must be recognised by Qualifications Wales.

Before an awarding body can be recognised, we check it against our statutory recognition criteria.

Our Criteria for Recognition can be found here.

As a prospective recognised awarding body, you will have to demonstrate that you can meet all relevant recognition criteria as well as all the relevant regulations that would be applied to you and your qualifications.

The rules about making applications for awarding body recognition are available in the next section.

How to apply

If you would like to enquire about becoming recognised, please email

After you have notified us of your wish to become a recognised awarding body, you will be asked to complete a formal enquiry form so that you can set out your reasons for wanting to become recognised. 

We aim to review your completed enquiry form within 10 working days of receipt and may invite you to discuss with us your particular reasons for applying.

If you wish to proceed after our discussion, we will ask you to formally submit your completed application for recognition form.

We will support you to upload any supporting evidence you wish to submit alongside your application form.

Once submitted we will review all your submitted evidence against our Criteria for Recognition so that a decision is reached within 40 working days.

If you have not met the requirements of our Criteria for Recognition we will write to you and explain why we rejected your application.

After considering our feedback you are free to re-apply.

If you have met our criteria we will formally recognise you as an awarding body in Wales. You will be able to offer your all your recognised qualifications as regulated by Qualifications Wales.

Ending or Amending your Recognition

If you want us to stop regulating some or all of your qualifications, you will need to ‘surrender’ your recognition.  Surrender is a voluntary, formal process and must be made in compliance with the requirements as set out in Condition D7 of our Standard Conditions of Recognition.

Partial Surrender
You can notify us of your intention to surrender your recognition to offer specific qualifications and/or descriptions of qualifications.  In this case we will remove the agreed qualifications from the scope of your recognition and you will remain recognised as an awarding body with us.

Full Surrender
You can also notify us that you wish to surrender your recognition as an awarding body in full.  When this is complete you will no longer be recognised by us and will be unable to offer regulated qualifications to learners in Wales.

To begin either process please email and we will discuss your plans and our requirements.


Tuesday 15 August, 2017
Author: Qualifications Wales

Recognition policy (359.1 KB)

15 August 2017
Monday 21 September, 2015
Author: Qualifications Wales

Criteria for recognition (225.5 KB)

The Criteria for Recognition set out the requirements which need to be met by an awarding organisation before it can gain recognition status.