Restricted Priority Qualifications

Qualifications Wales may restrict priority qualifications to avoid inconsistencies between different forms of the same qualification and to enable us to make a choice between different awarding bodies or between different forms of qualification.

In deciding which qualifications to restrict, we will consider our principal aims of ensuring that qualifications and the Welsh qualification system are effective for meeting the reasonable needs of learners in Wales and promoting public confidence in qualifications and in the Welsh qualification system. 

We will consider on a case by case basis whether to apply a restriction to a qualification and how many forms the qualification should be restricted to. Such consideration will be based on a range of sources of information including:

  • reviews of existing provision

  • stakeholder feedback; and

  • market research

Our Restricted Priority Qualifications Policy is available below and is intended to provide guidance to awarding bodies and other interested parties. It outlines:

  • the rationale for the restriction of priority qualifications;

  • examples of situations in which we may consider restricting priority qualifications;

  • the process for the restriction of priority qualifications.

Friday 5 August, 2016
Author: Qualifications Wales

Restricted Priority Qualifications policy (396.1 KB)

This version (1) of Qualifications Wales’ Restricted Priority Qualifications policy was approved on 22 July 2016 by the Qualifications Wales Board.