About us

Qualifications Wales is the independent organisation responsible for regulating general and vocational qualifications in Wales.

We regulate awarding bodies offering qualifications in Wales. We are an independent body focused on publicly funded qualifications, including GCSEs, A levels and vocational qualifications.

Degrees are not part of our work but we work with universities and colleges to make sure they understand qualifications so that learners can progress into higher education. We make sure qualifications are the best they can be for learners, teachers and employers. We work with awarding bodies to support the availability of qualifications through the Welsh language.

What we do

We 'recognise' awarding bodies that meet specific criteria. Once an awarding body is 'recognised', it must comply with our rules, known as our Conditions of Recognition.

We monitor and regulate awarding bodies to check that they maintain the required standards and deliver qualifications effectively.

We review existing qualifications to assess their fitness for purpose.

Where necessary, we oversee the design of new qualification requirements, and we commission awarding bodies to develop new qualifications for Wales.

We undertake research into the qualifications system. This research provides us with evidence that informs our policies, practices and decision-making.

We actively communicate with a wide range of stakeholders as part of our work to increase public confidence in qualifications and the qualification system in Wales, and we work to raise awareness of any changes and developments within the system.