Qualifications Wales Strategy

We have a strategy for the organisation that was approved in October 2017 and runs for the period 2018-22.

In this strategy, we set out:

  • Our role within the qualifications system
  • What we want to achieve
  • How we work
  • Our plans

The document is intended to be a high-level overview, and acts as a guide to other more detailed documents.

What we want to achieve

Our purpose is met when regulated qualifications taken in Wales are trusted and valued by learners, employers and education providers and are recognised throughout the UK and internationally – this is our overarching vision, which is achieved when:

  • Regulated qualifications and the qualification system are responsive to
    changing needs and circumstances, particularly in regard to the long-term
    benefit of Wales and its students;
  • Regulated qualifications in Wales are inclusive and promote equality of
    opportunity for students;
  • Regulated qualifications taken by students in Wales are valid, reliable and
    awarded to an appropriate standard;
  • Appropriate governance is in place to ensure accountability and regulatory
  • Information reasonably required to deliver consistent and quality-assured
    regulated qualifications is available and accessible;
  • Regulation is proportionate, transparent, consistent and targeted, to support a
    qualification system that is sustainable in the long term. 

We have chosen to set these aims out as Regulatory Outcomes that we want to achieve.  We have consulted on them, and they are shared with the awarding bodies that we regulate.

We use these outcomes as a way to inform our strategic priorities and operational activity.

You can download a copy of our strategy here.

Supporting Plans

Our plans focus specifically on our work relating to general qualifications and vocational qualifications, and are supported by our corporate capability plan. The strategic plans are intended to give a three- to five-year view of our priorities.  As a responsive regulator, we recognise that priorities can change, so we will review these plans every year to ensure that they continue to be relevant, and they will be formally reconsidered by the Qualifications Wales Board after three years (sooner if our annual review suggests the need for significant change).

The strategic plans focus our activity and provide a basis for annual planning (including the allocation of our resources) and measuring progress.  We measure progress through the fulfilment of operational priorities set out in our business plan, and success measures are described in each strategic plan.

Our strategic plans relate to our purpose, what we want to achieve and our approach, so build on the earlier elements of this strategy.