Concerns about us

Qualifications Wales is committed to listening to any concerns or complaints you may have about how we have dealt with a matter.

How to complain

Qualifications Wales is committed to listening to any concerns or complaints you may have about how we have dealt with a matter. 

If you wish to raise a formal complaint, you can find the information you need in our Corporate Complaints Policy.

Please note that this policy does not cover the following which are dealt with in a different way or by a different body;

  • Complaints concerning decisions made by QW in its role as a regulator. These complaints are explained in our Regulatory Appeals Policy.
  • Complaints concerning a decision we have made to withdraw recognition from an awarding body. See the Regulatory Appeals Policy. for information about this type of complaint.
  • Complaints about awarding bodies. As the regulator for qualifications in Wales we are responsible for handling complaints against awarding bodies. See our policy for Complaints Against Awarding Bodies here.
  • Complaints about a decision we have made relating to the offer or award of a contract. Please contact the Head of Procurement via email on

How we will deal with your complaint

You must bring your complaint or concern to us within 6 months of the issue that concerns you occurring. This is to avoid information being lost and ensure you can speak to the relevant member of staff. If possible, we like to deal with things informally and straight away. The following shows how the informal process works.

Informal Complaint process

If you aren’t satisfied with the response, or you wish to pursue your complaint via a more formal process, the following – stage 2- process will be followed.

Formal complaint process

If you believe your complaint hasn’t been dealt with adequately or properly, there are other opportunities to take your concern further which we will advise you about when we write to you with a decision on your formal complaint. Download the complaint form here.

Our commitment to you

We expect Qualifications Wales to set the highest standards in all we do. We will deal with your complaint as an opportunity to review what we do and, if we could have done better, we will tell you and put things right. We aim to learn from our mistakes and use the information we gain to improve our processes.

We will keep you fully informed about how we are dealing with your concern and who is dealing with it. We have set ourselves time constraints to deal with complaints and we expect to achieve those unless your complaint is complex and requires additional time to carry out a thorough investigation. We will tell you in the event that this situation arises.

We do ask that complainants are patient and courteous with us as we handle your complaint.  Our pledge to you is that we will be fair and reasonable in our dealings with you. Having a good outcome for all concerned is important to us.

If you have a query about any part of the process above, please contact the Head of Corporate Governance on 01633 373222.