CEO's Introduction


In September 2015, we started with new staff, a newly fitted-out office space and new systems.

Our challenge across the last twelve months has been to transform these core assets into a strong and effective regulator. Our aim has been to ensure continuity and security within the qualification system, whilst developing our understanding, processes and capability.

Amongst other achievements in our first operational year, I would highlight that we have:

  • Continued with the reform of GCSEs and A levels initiated by the 2012 Review of Qualifications;
  • Commenced a sectoral approach to the review and potential subsequent reform of vocational qualifications;
  • Overseen the safe award of summer examinations;
  • Developed our role within the education system in Wales;
  • Proactively engaged with our stakeholders; and
  • Established a productive and effective organisation.

While our first year has been highly productive, there’s still a huge amount for us still to do. In our annual report, we outline our plans for next year. These are challenging, and we will be publishing them in more detail in our business plans. We are a small organisation, but one that has a big impact. We will continue to develop and evolve as we make our contribution to the education system in Wales.

Philip Blaker
Chief Executive