Strategic Priority 1

A strategically-regulated qualifications system in Wales, so that we have a demand-led qualifications system where there is optimal breadth of opportunity for learners.

Our aim is to ensure that there is an appropriate range of high-quality qualifications to meet the needs of learners in Wales.

To enhance the effectiveness of the underpinning qualifications system we develop effective policies, and we work with other regulators where appropriate.

We commission and conduct insightful research and make use of research by others, so that we can develop policies and make decisions that are based on evidence.

Our key achievements in 2015-16 include:

  • Undertaking our first sector review in Health and Social Care;
  • Developing and publishing approval criteria for GCSEs and A levels for first teaching from 2017;
  • Reforming general qualifications – GCSEs and A levels;
  • Completion of phase one of our Regulatory Strategy Project;
  • Developing and publishing key regulatory policies;
  • The work of our Centre Support Team;
  • Commissioning research to improve our evidence base.