Strategic Priority 3

Build Qualifications Wales’ capability and capacity, so that Qualifications Wales is confident that it is effective and efficient in fulfilling its Principal Aims and is continually evolving to add value to the education system in Wales.

In order to build capability and resilience within Qualifications Wales we continually develop and maintain our internal systems, and align ourselves with best practice in the public sector.

We aim to foster a professional, agile approach centred on the needs of learners, and to create a clear set of values and behaviours that allow us to meet corporate and stakeholder needs.

Our key achievements in 2015-16 include:

  • Recruiting our staff and completing a successful induction programme;
  • Developing our values;
  • Setting up the corporate functions required for the brand-new organisation;
  • The development and launch of our new regulatory database - Qualifications in Wales (QiW);
  • The substantial development of our staff.