Annual Report 2018

Welcome to our third Annual Report, which describes our work from September 2017 to August 2018.

The report gives details of how we’ve made a difference to learners, and the education system in Wales over the last year.

Ann Evans (Chair of Qualifications Wales):

“The needs of learners in Wales, and the continued confidence in the Welsh qualifications system is at the core of all our work. At Qualifications Wales, we take this commitment very seriously. We know that the future will bring significant change… We are looking forward to being part of this change and moving into next year with energy, commitment and confidence.”

Philip Blaker (Chief Executive of Qualifications Wales):

“This year, our work has focused on changes to qualifications. As an independent and agile organisation powered by talented people, we have pushed new boundaries to find innovative solutions.”

Here are our key achievements:

  • We researched early exam entry and our recommendations were adopted by the government, leading to a change in school performance measures.
  • We spent more than £1 million on grants to help implement new qualifications and provide Welsh language translations for support materials.
  • More than 450 people attended 32 events across Wales to help us arrive at our 19 new qualifications in health, social care and child care.
  • We’ve been looking at the qualifications available in the IT and Construction and Built Environment sectors, and how they can be best developed for the future.
  • We’re looking to the future and supporting the development of the new curriculum for Wales.
  • We researched the Welsh Bacc Skills Challenge Certificate, concluding that it’s an innovative and worthwhile qualification. We’ve been involved in an information campaign to raise awareness of the Bacc, and we look forward to continuing our work in the next year.

You can read the full report here (PDF).