Private candidates

A private candidate is a learner who has not studied with the centre (school or college) which makes their exam entry.

They can include:

a) school age learners who are home educated

b) learners who are re-taking a qualification after leaving the centre where they originally studied

c) learners entering a subject with a different centre because their own does not offer it

d) adults who study independently.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, when exams took place, private candidates registered with a centre, which then arranged for them to take their exams alongside its own learners. As we expect exams to take place in 2022, private candidates should start thinking about contacting centres to work with as soon as possible. Centres are encouraged to allow private candidates to register with them in the usual way.

If exams are cancelled in 2022, the contingency arrangements as set out in our guidance will be implemented. Some private candidates might want centres to assess them throughout the year, alongside their own learners, in line with our guidance. Centres may agree to do this if it is feasible. We are exploring ways to enable private candidates to access qualifications to allow them to be assessed throughout the year.

I am a private candidate, what do I need to do?

You need to find a centre willing to enter you for your subject and register with that centre. Make sure you allow plenty of time – the deadline for centres to make entries to WJEC is Monday 21 February 2022, but you should contact them well in advance to ensure they can accommodate you.

How will private candidates be assessed if exams are cancelled?

Some private candidates might be assessed throughout the year, as per our overall guidance, and the centre can use these assessments as evidence to produce a centre determined grade if the contingency arrangements are implemented. However, if the private candidate is unable to do this, we are exploring how these assessments could be taken over a shorter period of time in the academic year.

What if I am a private candidate and I need reasonable adjustments?

You should discuss this with the centre before asking them to make your entry.