Awarding qualifications in Wales this year

This summer, we saw a return to formal exams and assessments. Changes were made to the assessment requirements to make them more manageable for learners, in recognition of the lost teaching and learning time.

Changes were made this year to support learners

As part of the move back to pre-pandemic arrangements, changes were made to ease the assessment burden on learners. In Wales, changes were made to most qualifications to reduce the assessment requirements this academic year. This allowed schools and colleges to focus their time on the areas that are most important to the subject.

Exams are graded more generously this year

During the pandemic, results have been different to the previous years, therefore a slightly different approach has been implemented this summer. At a national level, results will behigher than in 2019 (the last time formal exams were sat) and lower than in 2021 (when exams were cancelled, and grades determined by schools and colleges).

Learner progression is a priority

We have worked closely with awarding bodies to agree procedures for awarding grades this year that build upon the usual practices, while also providing a safety net for learners. We have also worked with other regulators to make sure the grading process is as consistent and fair as possible to support learners to progress to the next stage of their education or employment.

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