Qualifications Wales confirms assessment approach for summer 2021

Earlier this week, ahead of today’s statement, the Minister for Education set out her policy direction to Qualifications Wales on the awarding of qualifications in summer 2021, which reflects the assessment approach proposed by the Minister’s Design and Delivery Advisory Group (DDAG).

Qualifications Wales has considered the direction, the views of the DDAG, and the views of its own stakeholder group and has decided to regulate WJEC in line with the adopted policy position of Welsh Government and the recommendations of the DDAG. 

Philip Blaker, CEO of Qualifications Wales said, “We want to make sure that qualifications meet the needs of learners in Wales and there is public confidence in our qualifications system. There are no perfect solutions. Our Board, as part of their statutory duties, has confirmed the assessment approach for GCSE, AS and A levels in 2021. 

We welcome the work and recommendations of the Design and Delivery Advisory Group and will continue to work with them throughout the coming academic year.

This is a new approach that WJEC will be delivering and there will be risks and challenges. We will need to do further work with stakeholders and the Design and Delivery Advisory Group to confirm the appeals process and how grades will be awarded. 

We will also be engaging widely with schools, colleges and stakeholders so everyone fully understands the approach to regulating qualifications for this coming summer.’’