What's happening when?

​Summer 2021 qualifications timeline

By the end of June – Learners will receive provisional Centre Determined Grades.

Schools or colleges have told learners what assessment evidence will be used to determine their grades. This might include evidence from assessments already completed or evidence collected through new assessments.  

Learners can ask for a centre review, if they believe there has been an error in determining there grades. Schools or colleges will explain how they’ll do this and tell learners the outcome of any review. More information is in our appeals section.

By 2 July – Schools or colleges will submit provisional Centre Determined Grades to WJEC. These grades are still provisional at this stage as WJEC will need to undertake some additional checks with your centre.  

10 Aug – AS and A Level Results Day 

10 Aug – 17 Sept – the window for Stage 2 appeals to WJEC for AS/A level qualifications

12 Aug – GCSE Results Day 

24 Aug – 21 September - the window for Stage 2 appeals on GCSE results with WJEC