Consultation on Criteria for Recognition for GCSE / GCE Qualifications and Rules About Applications for Recognition to Award GCSE / GCE Qualifications

For this consultation, we are seeking views on a new regulatory document, called the Criteria for Recognition for GCSE / GCE Qualifications. This document has not previously been published. Once these new criteria are published, any awarding body who wishes to award GCSE or GCE qualifications in Wales will be required to meet these criteria in order to gain recognition by Qualifications Wales.

In order to offer regulated qualifications in Wales an awarding body must be recognised by Qualifications Wales. The Qualifications Wales Act 2015 provides us with the power to produce qualification-specific recognition criteria, which awarding bodies must meet in order to be able to award specific types of qualifications, such as GCSE or GCE.

We have already published Conditions of Recognition for GCSE and GCE qualifications which we expect existing providers to comply with. However, we do not currently have recognition criteria for these qualifications. We are now proposing to publish ‘Criteria for Recognition for GCSE and GCE qualifications.’

This consultation is likely to be of interest to awarding bodies currently awarding GCSE and/or GCE qualifications, and those awarding bodies who may wish to award GCSE and/or GCE qualifications in future.

For this consultation, we are seeking views on the proposed criteria and rules. These criteria and rules are presented along with a series of questions. If, dependant on the findings of this consultation, we decide to publish criteria and rules, we may amend these prior to publication.

This will not impact on existing providers’ ability to offer GCSE and GCE qualifications in Wales in the meantime.

The consultation document can be found here.

Responses to this consultation should be submitted by 18:00 on 18 March 2019 at the latest using the online form that is available here, or by completing the form and emailing your responses to

A Privacy Notice for this consultation can be found here.