Consultation Report on Regulatory Outcomes

Qualifications Wales has published its consultation report on the introduction of regulatory outcomes and mapping of Conditions.

Between 26 April and 5 July 2017, Qualifications Wales consulted on proposals to introduce regulatory outcomes. This report summarises the responses we received to the consultation on the proposed outcomes and explains the decisions we have taken in light of these responses.

The Principal Aims outlined within the Qualifications Wales Act define our purpose and primary objectives. Regulatory outcomes will be used to describe what we want to achieve through our regulatory activities and actions, and as such outline our vision.

Our vision is that regulated qualifications in Wales are valued by learners and employers in Wales and internationally. To achieve this, we have established the following regulatory outcomes:

  • Regulated qualifications and the qualifications system are responsive to changing needs and circumstances, particularly in regard to the long-term benefit of Wales and its students;
  • Regulated qualifications in Wales are inclusive and promote equality of opportunity for students;
  • Regulated qualifications taken by students in Wales are valid, reliable and awarded to an appropriate standard;
  • Appropriate governance is in place to ensure accountability and regulatory compliance;
  • Information reasonably required to deliver consistent and quality-assured regulated qualifications is available and accessible;
  • Regulation is proportionate, transparent, consistent and targeted, to support a qualifications system that is sustainable in the long term.

The introduction of regulatory outcomes will not act as an additional layer of regulatory requirements for awarding bodies. As such, there will be no additional workload on awarding bodies. It is important to note once more that awarding bodies will not be regulated against these outcomes, and will continue to be subject to our Standard Conditions of Recognition, and other supporting regulatory documents.

A copy of the consultation report can be seen here.