Development of GCE AS/A Level Digital Technology Approval Criteria

We are developing approval criteria for a new GCE AS/A Level Digital Technology qualification, which will be available for first teaching in September 2022.

In our review of qualifications and the qualification system in the information and communication technology sector, Delivering Digital, which we published in December 2018, we set out a number of actions intended to address the findings of this review. One of these actions was to develop approval criteria for a new broad-based GCE AS/A Level Digital Technology qualification, to be available for first teaching in September 2022. 

We invite you to attend one of our webinars, during which we will summarise our proposals for this new qualification and allow attendees to ask any questions they may have. The interactive PDF below introduces these proposals which you may wish to review before attending one of the webinars.

You can sign up for our webinars at the links below:

Time and Date


4:00-5:00 Tuesday 6th October 2020


4:00-5:00 Wednesday 14th October 2020


You may wish to read the full draft approval criteria document which can be found here and to let us know what you think in our feedback survey. 

The approval criteria document sets out the fuller content and assessment arrangements that will need to be met within specifications developed by awarding bodies will need to meet. Before we finalise these approval criteria, we invite respondents to offer us their feedback on: 

  • The purpose of the qualification 
  • The proposed content  
  • The proposed assessment arrangements 
  • The manageability of our proposals.  

This survey will be open until 4:00 PM on 23 October 2020, a link to the survey can be found here.