The story so far

We have developed the draft approval criteria through extensive stakeholder engagement. Our engagement has included:

Securing the services of a sector expert, who has engaged with UK-wide businesses through an online survey and drawn together the findings of a number of engagement events.

We have held workshops and update meetings with over 100 ICT teachers and further education lecturers to seek their views on the content and assessment arrangements for this qualification. These included our publicised Development Days, held across Wales, which teachers and further education lecturers were invited to apply to attend.

We have interviewed teachers and higher education lecturers to gather their views.

We established a Qualifications Advisory Group, made up of school teacher representatives (nominated by each of the four regional consortia), further education representatives, higher education representatives, employers and awarding bodies. This group meets regularly and has advised us throughout the development process.

We held face-to-face and telephone meetings with employers in Wales to seek their views on the content and assessment arrangements for the new qualification.

We are now inviting interested stakeholders to share their thoughts on our proposals, before finalising the approval criteria for this qualification for publication in February 2020. After this point, awarding bodies will be able to develop specifications and sample assessment materials before submitting them to Qualifications Wales for approval.

You can also find more detail on the timeline for this qualification here.