Review of Qualifications in the Health & Social Care Sector

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We want your views!

We are approaching the review and reform of vocational qualifications one employment sector at a time – beginning with the Health and Social Care sector.   Our review will take into account qualifications for care workers in a wide range of health, social care, early years and play settings – and we want to find out whether these qualifications are effective in meeting the needs of learners as well as addressing the needs of employers, learning providers, professional bodies, care providers and those who are being cared for.

We're keen to hear the views of learning providers, learners, parents/guardians, employers and employees in Health, Care, Early Years and Play settings, service users and Awarding Bodies.   We want to know what you think about the choice of qualifications available, what they cover and how they are assessed.

If you're a learner or a parent or guardian of one or more learners, we particularly want to know:

  • what you think about the choice of qualifications available and the information available in making choices;
  • about the good features of qualifications – and the areas for improvement; and
  • whether learners have been able to be assessed in their language of choice – whether that’s Welsh or English.  

If you have a professional or personal interest in qualifications in the Health and Social Care sector we particularly want to know:

  • how effective you think the qualifications are as a form of assessment;
  • if there are any important areas of learning that are not covered by the qualifications – or whether anything that is being assessed is not really important;
  • whether the availability of Welsh-medium assessment is sufficient.

We’d be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions in the survey.  We may quote from your answers in any published findings of the research, but we will not attribute these answers to you unless we subsequently request and receive your permission. If you’d like to write to us separately, you are also welcome to do so: drop us a line at