Qualifications Wales is launching a series of public consultations seeking views on the reform of qualifications for 16-year-old learners.

We will use the findings from each consultation to inform and support the development and reform of qualifications for 16-year-old learners.

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Consultation 2019/20: Qualifications for the next generation

Our online Consultation was launched on 18 November 2019.

It is the first in a series of consultations over the next two years to shape the future range of qualifications that will meet the needs of learners and support the new curriculum for Wales.

This first consultation sets out our vision for future qualifications. It outlines the key guiding principles that we propose should shape the future qualifications offer.

The consultation will close 5pm on Friday 7 February 2020

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Further Public Consultations

We will run further consultations in 2020, which will seek feedback on proposals for:

  • which subject areas qualifications should be available for
  • how GCSE qualifications should be designed in future
  • how qualifications could support a single continuum for Welsh language teaching and learning.

In 2021, we will develop and consult on proposals for the detailed design of any new or reformed qualifications, including draft approval criteria.

Our aim is for new or updated qualifications to be available in plenty of time for first teaching from September 2025.

This diagram shows the future consultation stages.

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