Awarding Body conference 2017

On 11 December, we held our second annual forum for awarding bodies.

Thank you to all those who attended, and who helped to make it a great event!

The speakers’ presentations and papers are available to download below.

If you’d like to discuss any of the agenda items in more detail, please email us at



Welcome and introductions  

Review of the previous year and forward look 


Philip Blaker  


Update on Construction sector review and ICT sector review 

Cassy Taylor 

Associate Director of Vocational Qualifications 

Tips for Tendering – looking at experiences from the Health and Social Care commissioning process

Liz Frizi 

Head of Procurement 

Alexis De Vere 

Qualifications Manager 

Our approach to Awarding Body and VQ monitoring 

Denver Davies 

Head of Monitoring and Compliance 

Update on the review of the Designation process 

Delyth Jones 

Head of Recognition and Approval 

Data Project Update 

Sarah Jenkins 

Qualifications Officer 

Drivers of demand for Welsh medium assessment 

Rachel Heath-Davies 

Head of Policy 

Osian Llywelyn 

Senior Policy Officer 

Group 1 

Workshop on the future of e-assessment (opportunity to discuss barriers to e-assessment, with a deeper exploration of experiences, benefits and challenges). 

Hazel Israel 

Qualifications Manager 

Andrew Shipway 

Qualifications Officer 

Group 2 

Workshop on strengthening internal Quality Assurance  

(opportunity to discuss the feedback from Quality Matters CPD events within Health and Social care). 


Donna Hughes 

Qualifications Manager 

The Further Education sector in Wales 

Colegau Cymru 

The Work-Based Learning sector in Wales