The ‘Qualified for the Future’ consultation could not have come at a better time

By the Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams AM

Get involved.

Qualifications Wales is currently carrying out the first in a series of consultations on proposals to ensure qualifications complement the new curriculum for Wales.

It is an unfortunate but understandable truth that outcomes – qualifications or other measures – drive behaviours in schools.

This can bring unintended consequences for the broad and balanced education we want our children to receive in Wales.

So, for me, the ‘Qualified for the Future’ consultation could not have come at a better time.

Left unchanged, the current qualifications and accountability system would completely stymie the realisation of our ambitious, forward-looking curriculum for Wales.

All parts of our education system must evolve to support the implementation of the new curriculum and so that the four purposes of education can be fulfilled.

The consultation looks at the range of qualifications and the range of subjects so that we can be sure qualifications relate directly to the curriculum and that the curriculum’s aims are supported strongly and clearly.

It also sets out a tangible response to the comments I get at head-teacher conferences as I travel across Wales - such as ‘unless qualifications change, behaviour will not change’ 

The nature of the consultation shows that, as with the inclusive approach to developing the new curriculum and assessment arrangements, Qualifications Wales too has its arms open to all parts of Welsh education and society - its parents, practitioners, employers and educationalists.

I urge everyone to get involved!