A and AS results published

Thursday 16 Aug 2018

This summer saw the first award of 6 new AS and 10 new A level qualifications. There are now 29 new AS qualifications and 24 new A level qualifications that have been developed for, and taken by, learners in Wales. Next year will see the final phase of new qualifications awarded.

We have closely monitored WJEC’s delivery of these new qualifications and are confident that standards have been maintained.

  • The overall percentages of A level grades awarded at both A* and A in Wales have risen, while the overall pass rate remains stable. 
  • The overall number of AS and A level qualifications that have been awarded have fallen again this year. To take account of this, we have included in this overview the number of students achieving each grade, as well as the percentages.
  • Care should be taken when interpreting relatively small changes in year-on-year results due to the change in numbers taking the qualifications.

Read the full report here.