Assessment changes for the summer 2021 exams

Wednesday 15 Jul 2020

Qualifications Wales has required WJEC to make appropriate changes to GCSEs and A levels for learners taking exams in summer 2021. 

Current Year 10 and 12 learners have already lost four months of classroom time due to COVID-19, and there is concern expressed by both teachers and learners on how they will cover their programmes of study by summer 2021. 

When schools and colleges open in September, teachers will be doing everything they can to support learners so that by summer 2021 they have as far as possible developed the full range of knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to be successful and to progress. 

The aim of these changes is to go some way to adapting the assessment requirements for learners taking their exams next year. It will allow teachers more time to deliver the content, making the best use of the time available when schools resume. 

These proposals will also help centres manage any on-going public health safeguards, while ensuring the qualifications remain valid and meaningful. 

Awarding bodies offering vocational qualifications will also consider whether any changes are needed for assessments from September 2020 onwards. A statement on the proposed approach to adaptations to vocational qualifications has been published on our website, and we will issue more information as soon as possible.