GCSE and A level exam fees in Wales in line with the rest of UK - regulator 

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

Fees charged by WJEC for GCSE and A level exams in Wales are in line with those charged by other exam boards who offer similar qualifications. 

That’s the conclusion of an independent report prepared for Qualifications Wales following the recent programme of reforms to GCSEs and A levels. 

“Recent reforms have seen WJEC emerge as the main provider of GCSEs and A levels in Wales which means there is less competition in the market,” said Chief Executive Philip Blaker. 

“Monitoring the potential impact of these changes is a key strategic challenge for us. That’s why we’ve reviewed the fees charged for services related to GCSEs and A levels, including exam entry fees, reviews of marking and appeals, and training.” 

Qualifications Wales engaged London Economics Cymru to carry out the research. Using data from the past eight years, the report looks at how WJEC’s services and fees for GCSEs and A levels compare to those of other exam boards. 

The analysis considers the challenges of making fair comparisons, given the different approaches to pricing taken by different exam boards, and the effects of parallel qualification reforms in Wales and England. 

“Unlike other exam boards, WJEC offers flat pricing for qualifications of the same size and level across all subjects,” said Mr Blaker. “For example, its entry fees for all full course GCSEs are the same across all subjects, in both Wales and England. 

“Other exam boards typically vary the price of their qualifications across different subjects, including for qualifications of the same size and level. 

“Overall, the review shows that WJEC’s fees are comparable to those of other exam boards offering similar qualifications and services. We will continue to monitor the GCSE and A level market in Wales.” 

You can download a full copy of the report here.