Shining a spotlight on the mystery of marking

Thursday 12 Jul 2018

You may have learned everything you need to get through the exams, but how much do you know about the marking and awarding process?

Are you aware of what happens to your GCSE or A level paper once you’ve handed it in?

Qualifications Wales has launched a new animated video short to explain how papers are marked and how grades are set every year.

“It may seem like a mysterious process for most students and their parents,” said Director of Regulation Jo Richards.

“So we’ve produced this video to show how the system works from start to finish, explaining how exam papers are marked, and how grade boundaries are set each year.

“It shows that the system is consistent and accurate and that exams sat by students in Wales are fair.”

The animation, produced in both Welsh and English, is the first in a series from Qualifications Wales. Future videos will feature GCSEs and A levels, the Welsh Baccalaureate, and vocational qualifications.

Along with the marking video, Qualifications Wales is also publishing a series of explanatory articles online highlighting aspects of qualifications, ahead of next month’s results.

The articles focus on reformed qualifications, such as the new GCSE Science exam, as well as marking and how grade boundaries are set.

The new video and articles can all be found on the Qualifications Wales website and YouTube.