Conditions are regulatory requirements with which an awarding body is required to demonstrate ongoing compliance.

There are Generally Applied Conditions that apply to awarding bodies generally, as well as Specific Conditions that are applicable to specific qualifications.

Generally Applied Conditions

Standard Conditions of Recognition 
This document sets out the rules and regulations that all awarding bodies and their qualifications must meet when offering qualifications in Wales. 

Additional Certificate Requirements 
This document sets out the requirements for the design and production of each certificate an awarding body issues in relation to an approved or regulated (including designated) qualification or credit award which it makes available in Wales. 

Qualification and component levels 
This document supports the Standard Conditions of Recognition, by setting out requirements and guidance for assigning levels to regulated qualifications and (where appropriate) their components.

Qualification-specific Conditions

Awarding bodies seeking to offer GCSEs. GCEs, Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificates qualifications, project qualifications or principal learning qualifications must comply with Qualification Specific Conditions found in our Regulatory Documents List.