Review of Standard Conditions of Recognition

The Standard Conditions of Recognition (“Conditions”) were originally introduced in Wales in 2011, and were transitioned over from Welsh Government’s General Conditions of Recognition when we took up our functions in autumn 2015.

Between autumn 2017 and summer 2018, we conducted a review of our Standard Conditions of Recognition. 

The Standard Conditions of Recognition (“Conditions”) sets out the rules and regulations that all awarding bodies recognised by us, must comply with. 

Having completed our review of the Standard Conditions of Recognition, we published a report outlining our findings. We concluded that: 

  • awarding bodies wished to see revisions across the Conditions; 
  • awarding bodies preferred for these revisions to be aligned across three regulators as much as reasonably possible; and 
  • whilst revisions were suggested across the Conditions, the review also highlighted that in some cases other forms of clarification or guidance and support would be helpful. 

Since completing our review, we have been working on revisions to the wording of Conditions to address what we found. We are working with CCEA Regulation and Ofqual with the aim of aligning revisions across three sets of Conditions as much as possible. In light of the decision to consider revisions as three regulators, our aim is to consult together in spring 2019. 

Following the consultation, we recognise that awarding bodies will need time to prepare for implementing any revisions, and therefore we will provide sufficient time to roll out the Conditions. 

We currently aim to publish our revised Conditions in autumn 2019, to become effective from April 2020 and will offer support and guidance for awarding bodies during the roll out of any revised Conditions. 

An infographic of the timeline for consulting and publishing our revised Conditions can be found here.