Statement of Compliance

What is the statement of compliance?

The statement of compliance is a key monitoring tool that supports our intelligence led and risk-based approach to regulation. We use the information and evidence collected from statements of compliance, alongside other information and evidence, to monitor awarding bodies’ compliance with our Standard Conditions of Recognition.

Who completes a statement of compliance?

All awarding bodies that we regulate are required to complete a statement of compliance each year. We ask awarding bodies to declare whether or not they are compliant with our Standard Conditions of Recognition and whether they are likely to comply for the next 12 months. If an awarding body declares that they are non-compliant and / or likely to be non-compliant in the next 12 months then we ask them to submit an action plan outlining the steps that they are taking to become compliant. We also have targeted lines of inquiry and ask awarding bodies to provide us with evidence of compliance with some Standard Conditions of Recognition.

What happens if an awarding body is non-compliant?

The statement of compliance is based on the awarding body’s self-evaluation of their compliance status against all the Standard Conditions of Recognition. We expect awarding bodies to have an effective process in place to monitor their compliance on an ongoing basis. Awarding bodies with effective self-evaluation processes in place may identify a current and / or likely future non-compliance. We expect that all awarding bodies who declare current and / or likely future non-compliance outline the steps that they are taking to become compliant. Depending on the nature of the non-compliance, this may not be a significant cause for concern if they have a clear plan in place to address the issue and to return to full compliance. We closely monitor awarding bodies’ progress against the actions within their action plan.