Qualifications in Wales (QiW) is a database owned and managed by Qualifications Wales. Awarding bodies that are recognised in Wales automatically have all qualifications – other than those where they have surrendered any recognition – regulated, however only those that are approved or designated for learners aged under 19, excluding higher education, will be entered on QiW.

What is QiW

This diagram provides an overview of what we do and the qualifications we regulate.

Recognised Awarding Bodies
Must meet the criteria for recognition. Regulated under standard conditions of recognition.

Database of approved and designated qualifications for teaching in Wales for learners aged under 19, excluding higher education.

Restricted Priority Qualifications
Only a limited number of forms (or versions) will be approved.  Reviewed to ensure they meet approval criteria.  Included on Priority Qualifications List.  Selected from existing qualifications or commissioned   by QW through open, fair and transparent competition.

Other Regulated Qualifications
All non-degree qualifications awarded by recognised awarding bodies (unless recognition surrendered). Regulated under standard conditions of recognition.

Designated Qualifications
Designated as eligible for use on publicly funded programmes of learning, for learners under the age of 19. Must meet designation matters. Regulated under standard conditions of recognition.

Our Rules about applications for designation of qualifications are here. Our designation policy can be found here.

Approved Qualifications
Reviewed to ensure they meet approval criteria. Likely to be on  Priority Qualifications List. Regulated under Standard Conditions of Recognition and any conditions of approval that apply.

Any qualifications that are approved or designated by Qualifications Wales will be eligible for funding by a Local Authority or by Welsh Government. Please note that this funding is for the education provider,rather than the learner.

The information held in QiW includes:

  • qualification titles
  • qualification numbers
  • the Awarding Body that awards each qualification
  • qualification start and end dates
  • links to further qualification information
  • Welsh Government information including whether it counts as a choice for 14-19 Learning Pathways, and performance measures information

Welsh Government data on QiW

The Welsh Government sets policy on school performance measurement and decides on the allocation of contribution values of qualifications, performance points and the discount codes applied to individual qualifications. Qualifications Wales hosts the information within QiW. If you have any queries on how qualifications contribute towards performance measures, including GCSE/A level equivalency values, performance points or discount codes, please contact ims@gov.wales  

Guidance for Awarding Bodies

Designation Guide


Guidance for Centres and Public Users

Centres do not require a QiW user account, but do have the facility to search, download and print results using the search function within QiW. The only people who require a QiW user account are Qualifications Wales staff, Welsh Government and Awarding Bodies who wish to submit qualifications to QiW. Further information can be found by clicking on the help link in the top right-hand corner on the QiW homepage www.QiW.Wales.

Centre Guide to QiW

Favourites Function

QiW users can save qualifications of interest for quick access through the “Favourites” page. Users are able to register using an email address to ensure theycan view their favourites on any computer, without the need for a password.  Please view our guidance below on how to use this new function.

QiW Favourites Function Guide

If you have any questions about or can give us suggestions on how to improve the site, please send them to: enquiries@qualificationswales.org, and select QiW in the drop-down menu.

To visit QiW, please follow  https://www.qiw.wales or http://www.qiw.cymru