Standards and awarding

The standard-setting process takes place at the awarding meetings and is closely monitored by us.

Statistical indicators are used to produce predictions for GCSEs, A levels and the Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate) for each series. These are based on the prior attainment of a cohort when compared with the performance of previous similar cohorts. This process is outlined in our data exchange documents and our regulatory documents ‘Requirements for setting specified levels of attainment for GCE and GCSE qualifications’ (A levels and GCSEs) and Requirements for setting specified levels of attainment for the Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications (Welsh Baccalaureate).

For GCE and GCSE qualifications which have not been reformed, we work with fellow regulators, Ofqual and CCEA, to ensure the standard is maintained between qualifications.

For further information about examination series and results see our section for GCSEs and A level and Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate).