Research and statistics

We are a team of researchers and statisticians who develop and deliver research and statistics in relation to qualifications and the qualification system.

What we do

Our aim is to provide an objective evidence base for regulatory and policy decision-making about qualifications in Wales. 

We inform decision-making through interpretation of evidence by: 

  • Designing, commissioning and conducting research projects 
  • Undertaking, managing or advising on research aspects of Qualifications Wales’ work, including the design and scope of research projects, methods of data collection and analysis of findings 
  • Supporting consultation activities 
  • Advising on statistical and data matters 
  • Collecting and managing data 
  • Producing and interpreting statistical analysis 
  • Communicating research findings and statistical evidence within Qualifications Wales and with external stakeholders and audiences 

Please direct any queries regarding statistics to and any queries regarding research to