Awarding in 2021

2021 has been a different year for learners, their parents, carers, schools and colleges. ​

The way qualifications are being awarded is also different. GCSE, AS and A level learners in Wales are receiving provisional Centre Determined Grades in June from their schools and colleges. 

Final results will be published on 10th August for AS and A levels and 12 August for GCSE. 

Learners studying vocational qualifications should receive their final results no later than those learners studying for A levels and GCSEs) (on 10 and 12 August). Provisional Centre Determined Grades won’t be issued for vocational qualifications.

Click on the links to find information for learners and parents/carers as well as for schools and colleges about everything you need to know for qualifications in 2021. 

This includes information on Centre Determined Gradescentre reviews and appealsvocational qualificationskey dates, and progression to Higher Education.