Appeals for GCSE, AS and A level in Wales: summer 2020 exam series

An annual release that presents data on the number of appeals in Wales for GCSE, AS and A level qualifications.

Release Date: Thursday 10 December, 2020
Period covered: Summer 2020
Next Update: April 2022 (Provisional)

Key points: 

  • There were 166 GCSE and GCE appeals submitted following the summer 2020 exam series, 148 of which were upheld. 
  • 200 GCSE and GCE grades were challenged and 120 grades changed as a result of an appeal in summer 2020. 0.031% of all summer 2020 GCSE and GCE grades – about 1 in 3,300 - were changed due to an appeal. 
  • Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic there have been substantial changes to the awarding and appeals processes. These changes mean that that users should interpret differences between 2020 figures and other series with caution. This release describes the appeals in summer and additional data is available in the associated data tables. 
  • In 2019 the target timescale to complete a preliminary appeal from the receipt of the application was changed from five to six weeks. This release uses the new timescale and revises the timescale statistics previously published for summer 2019. Also, where the grade was missing or unknown either before or after the appeal, this is counted as an appeal and a grade challenged, but not as a grade changed, nor are these cases included in the grade change magnitude statistics. This revises some previously published statistics. For this reason, the total number of appeals may not equal the total number of grades changed. 
  • These statistics do not include data on appeals which were withdrawn. This is consistent with previous years. 



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