Malpractice for GCSE, AS and A level in Wales: Summer 2018 exam series

An annual release that presents data on the number of malpractice penalties and offences in Wales for GCSE, AS and A level qualifications.

Release Date: Thursday 13 December, 2018
Period covered: Summer 2018
Next Update: December 2019 (Provisional)

Key Points:

  • 210 penalties were issued to students for malpractice in summer 2018, up 17.3% compared to 180 penalties in 2017.
  • The number of penalties issued to students in summer 2018 represents approximately one penalty for every 5,000 GCSE, AS and A level entries.
  • Proportionately more penalties were issued relating to GCSEs than AS and A levels.
  • Taking a mobile phone into an exam room continues to be the most common malpractice offence, making up 45.7% of all penalties issued.
  • 15 penalties were issued to centre staff for malpractice, and 10 penalties were issued to centres.



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