A Guide to Invigilation 2022

As the independent regulator of qualifications in Wales, we aim to protect learners and build public confidence. Exams are an important piece of the qualification’s jigsaw and centres must provide the right training for invigilators.

We have created six short guidance films and supporting resources, designed to assist exam officers in Wales when training invigilators.

Exams officers can access the supporting resources on the Wales Exam Officer Portal (WEOP). The resources have been developed for use alongside the films and in conjunction with JCQ documentation and centre specific information, to ensure centres meet JCQ inspection criteria.

A Guidance document is available to support exams officers with the ‘What, Why and How' of using the resources and films.

To contact our Strategic Engagement Team

Annie Allitt - annie.allitt@qualificationswales.org      (North/Mid Wales)

07464 543 621 or 01633 373 299

Penny Evans - penny.evans@qualificationswales.org    (South East Wales)

07464 543 641 or 01633 373248

Arron Watkins - arron.watkins@qualificationswales.org     (South West Wales)

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