The New Curriculum for Wales: What does it mean for qualifications?

Here are some questions to help understand how the new curriculum fits with qualifications

How will the qualifications for the new curriculum be decided?

We’ll be working with a range of stakeholders to make sure any proposed changes to qualifications make sense for learners, teachers, parents and employers. After initial engagement across the summer term, we’ll be launching a national conversation in the autumn. We’ll use the views and ideas we gather to shape proposals for future changes. We’re to agree with Welsh Government next year what qualifications should be available to support the new curriculum.

When will any new qualifications be ready?

We know that teachers need enough time to prepare for new qualifications ahead of first teaching, so we’re planning to get changes finalised well ahead of first teaching in 2025. After a period of engagement, design and further consultation, individual qualifications will then go through a formal approval process while training and resources are developed.

Will children still study for GCSEs?

It’s likely that GCSEs will still exist but they will need to adapt over time to reflect the changing curriculum, so may look quite different from today’s GCSEs. We will improve advice and support for all pupils on their options as they prepare for their future careers. 

Will there be any changes to A levels?

The new curriculum is designed for learners aged 3 to 16. We don’t currently expect that the new curriculum will directly impact on A levels and other qualifications commonly taken by 17 and 18 year olds. 


In March 2019, we delivered presentations to a variety of stakeholders, outlining our vision for 14-16 qualifications for the new curriculum and the key considerations that will need to be addressed as we develop our approach. You can find the presentation here.


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