Health & Social Care and Childcare

We published the Sector Review of Qualifications and the Qualification System in Health and Social Care including childcare and play work in July 2016.

New qualifications in health and social care and child care are being introduced following our review of this important employment sector. 

The review outlined a number of actions we committed to, one of which was to develop a new suite of Health & Social Care and Childcare qualifications for Wales which will replace more than 200 qualifications which are currently eligible for funding on programmes of learning funded by Welsh Government or local authorities.  

From September 2019, the first of these qualifications will be taught for the first time. They are available to deliver in schools, further education and work based learning and will be the qualifications that feature in apprenticeship frameworks for learners of all ages undertaking related apprenticeships.  

There will also be a transition period to allow learners who are already undertaking qualifications to be funded to complete their qualifications. Our awarding body partner to deliver these contracts are a consortium of City & Guilds London Institute and WJEC. This consortium brings together expertise in qualification development, assessment design and delivery from a general and vocational qualification perspective. 

This partnership will ensure parity between qualification and assessment provision across the two official languages of Wales, along with providing a strong change management strategy to support the qualification system with effective training, support and resources.  

We are working closely with the consortium, along with our collaborative partners; Social Care Wales and the National Health Service Wales Workforce, Education and Development Service, to ensure that the sector is engaged in the development of these qualifications and the sector and the wider public receive information that is useful and timely. Published approval criteria for the new qualifications can be found here.     






L2 CCPLD Practice

L3 CCPLD Practice

L2 HSC Core


L2 HSC Practice (Adults)

L3 HSC Practice (Adults)


L3 HSC Practice (CYP)


L2 HSC Principles and Contexts


L2 CCPLD - Practice and Theory


A level and AS in HSC and Childcare


L3 HSC Principles and Contexts


L3 CCPLD Practice and Theory


L4 Preparing for Leadership and Management in CCPLD


L4 Preparing for Leadership and Management in HSC


L4 Professional Practice in CCPLDD


L4 Adult Placement/Shared Lives


L4 Independent Advocacy



L4 Social Services Practitioner


L4 Professional Practice in HSC 



L5 Leadership and Management of CCPLD - Practice


Level 5 Leadership and Management of HSC: Practice



Health and Social Care and Childcare Qualifications – Frequently Asked Questions 

You may have heard about the changes that are happening to Health and Social Care and Childcare qualifications in Wales. We hope these frequently asked questions will help you understand the changes and the impact the changes will have on learning providers, learners and the sector workforce.