Proposal to restrict qualifications

We consulted on a proposal to restrict and commission a number of qualifications in Construction and the Built Environment.

Having considered stakeholder feedback to our intention to restrict qualifications, we confirmed that we would be applying the proposed restriction and commissioning a new suite of qualifications. In May 2019 we published this Notice of Determination to Restrict, which can be found here.

Prior to this, the qualifications in Construction and the Built Environment were agreed as priority qualifications, in conjunction with the Cabinet Secretary for Education in Wales. In July 2018, we issued our Priority Qualifications List (PQL), which also acted as a notification of our intention to restrict. An indicative list of designated qualifications that were likely to be affected can be found here. The Notification of a Proposal to Restrict can be found at Annex A of the PQL and Forward Look here.

The next stage of the work to take forward our proposals for reform began in October 2018. You can read more about this here.