The Welsh Baccalaureate

The Welsh Baccalaureate, or Welsh Bacc for short, is unique to Wales.    

It helps prepare students between the ages of 14 and 19 for employability, further study and life.  

A student is awarded the Welsh Bacc by achieving a specified combination of qualifications At the heart of the Welsh Bacc is the Skills Challenge Certificate - an innovative skills-based qualification.  

The Welsh Bacc also incorporates:    

  • GCSEs in English or Welsh Language, and Mathematics or Mathematics-Numeracy, and; 
  • a choice of supporting qualifications - GCSEs, A levels or vocational.   

The National/Foundation Welsh Bacc are available at Key Stage 4 and the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate  and Advanced Welsh Bacc are available for post-16 learners. 

We are currently working on changes to the National/Foundation Skills Challenge Certificate as part of our Qualified for the future consultation, looking at the qualifications needed to support the Welsh Government’s plans for a new curriculum.