Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate


In Autumn 2020, Qualifications Wales launched the ‘Skilled for the Future’ consultation on proposed changes to the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate qualification and the related Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate framework. In February 2021, we published our decisions resulting from the consultation which included: 

  • discontinuing the overarching Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate framework to allow a focus on the standalone skills based qualification, and  
  • creating a new qualification called the ‘Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (level 3)’. This will be available from September 2023 and will replace the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate).  

As part of our work to reform the qualification, we took the decision to use our regulatory powers so that the new qualification would be offered exclusively by one awarding body. Our Determination to Restrict Notice can be found here. 

After a fair and transparent tender process to select a suitable awarding body to develop, deliver and award the new qualification, we announced that the awarding body contracted to offer the new qualification is WJEC.  

The work to develop the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (level 3) began in October 2021. The new qualification will focus on preparation for employment, lifelong learning and active citizenship, and learners will be encouraged to choose areas of study which are of personal interest and linked to their future studies and careers. 

There will be opportunities for learners to progress from the skills development at the heart of the new Curriculum for Wales, and to engage with current and important issues as citizens of Wales and the world. 

The aim is to build on the strengths of the current Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate) whilst also making the new qualification more manageable, more engaging for learners and easier to understand. The Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales will enhance both the learning experience and the future opportunities of all learners taking qualifications at level 3.   

We will be working with WJEC to keep you engaged in the development of this new qualification. This includes keeping you informed of developments and opportunities to contribute.  

The new qualification will be available to centres for first teaching from 1 September 2023 with first certifications in summer 2025. The current Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (Welsh Baccalaureate) will continue to be available until the new qualification is introduced. 

Once the new qualification is ready to be delivered it will replace both the existing Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate and any other qualifications where we identify significant overlap. We will be providing further details on what constitutes significant overlap in due course.  

You can read full details of the consultation and the outcomes in our decisions report, findings report and our summary version all on this page. 



Qualifications Wales is pleased to publish the approval criteria for the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales, which has been developed in collaboration with stakeholders.