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Our next steps to create qualifications fit for the future.

Subject Level Working Groups

We’re looking for subject practitioners to join our subject level working group for Welsh language qualifications to support the new curriculum.

We’re seeking representation from the following:

  • Welsh medium schools
  • Bilingual schools
  • English medium schools

As a member of the group your involvement will include:

  • Design and propose content and assessments on a subject level
  • Collaborate with others to develop proposals
  • Test out creative and innovative approaches with colleagues
  • Collate and connect evidence from a range of sources

Benefits of being involved

It’s an opportunity to help co-construct the new qualifications and influence decisions in your subject area. Your expertise and professional input will help shape the future qualifications for 14-16 year old learners in Wales. Please see the brief for more information.

Time Commitment

Approximately 5.5 days between February 2022 through to June 2022.

Application Process

Please complete the short application form and monitoring form to register your interest by 31 January 2022. 

Reshaping the wider 14-16 Qualifications offer

Qualifications Wales is interested in all qualifications available to learners aged 14 to 16, from entry level and up, and across all subject areas - including those related to the world of work.

We will look at the AoLES and subjects directly mentioned in the curriculum, including those that will be available as GCSEs. But we will also go beyond that.

Subjects that aren’t directly named in the curriculum could still offer learners a valuable way of accessing the curriculum, developing their cross-cutting and integral skills, and realising the purposes of the curriculum. Example subjects include: Financial Capability, Careers Development, Equality and Diversity, Food Safety, Essential Skills, Sport & First Aid.

We want to hear your views on these wider qualifications that are studied by learners aged 14-16. For example, which skills & subjects should be included as part of these qualifications? What is the role of digital technology in qualifications? These are just some of the questions we’re asking as part of our survey.

So, if you’re a parent/carer, employer or someone with an interest in education, please complete our survey by Monday 31 January 2022. 

We have also have a survey especially for learners. If you’re a learner please complete the survey by visiting this link by Monday 31 January 2022.

For more information on the wider offer work please email





The new Curriculum for Wales will have implications for the qualifications that are developed and secured for learners in Wales at age 16. Therefore, new qualifications will need to be developed over the next few years that are aligned with and supportive of the content and ethos of the new curriculum. We are taking a co-creation approach with the education sector to develop the requirements for these qualifications.

We are seeking to expand and strengthen our group of subject assessment and curriculum experts in the Language, Literacy and Communication AoLE, to provide expert advice to support the next stage of this project which will development the minimum requirements for each of the new qualifications we are developing. Drawing on their experience in the field of educational assessment and/or curriculum design, we expect the experts to:

  • provide high quality, specialist and technical advice and input into proposals;
  • produce concise written documents e.g. briefings, options papers, research summaries to high standard, in a timely manner for internal review;
  • attend face-to-face and/or remote meetings to present findings and share research, knowledge and expertise

We particularly welcome applicants with expertise covering the following areas and subjects:

Welsh Language and Literature as a first language, and/or Welsh in English medium settings.

How to apply

To make an application for these roles, you need to download and complete an application response form and a copy of your CV and submit it to

The information relevant to these roles can be found on our website.

The closing date for applications is 10am 10 February 2022.