Qualified for the future

Reimagining qualifications for the new curriculum

Qualifications Wales has published its decisions on the range of subjects in which a new generation of GCSEs will be co-created.  

This report is part of a national conversation on the future of qualifications. The next year of intensive collaboration will deliver proposals by summer 2022 for new qualifications that will be ready for learners in 2025. 

To find out more about the choice of GCSE subjects that will be available, please read our decisions report. A youth friendly version of the findings and decisions reports has also been produced. 



Findings and Decisions Report webinar

You can find a copy of the presentation, a recording of the webinar and a series of questions and answers below.



We commissioned ORS, an independent research provider, to analyse the responses from our consultation. Links to the full and summary reports can be found below.  


Consultation documents  




Consultation document
- PDF version





Consultation document -
youth-friendly PDF version