Qualified for the future

Welcome to Qualified for the Future. This is where you can find out all about our work looking at changes to the qualifications taken by 16-year-olds in Wales.

We want to make sure qualifications fit the new Curriculum for Wales and meet the needs of future learners. You can find out more about the new curriculum on the Welsh Government website. Our vision is for 16-year-olds in Wales to take globally respected qualifications that inspire and prepare them for life, learning and work.

To help achieve this, we want to know what you think about how things could be different.


Our main focus is on how qualifications for 16-year-olds in Wales will need to change.

In this video, Professor Graham Donaldson, author of the Successful Futures report that led to curriculum reform, shares his views about our Qualified for the future consultation programme. 

donaldson image