As the independent regulator of non-degree qualifications in Wales we are here to maintain confidence that the qualifications we regulate are fair, trusted and valuable in Wales and beyond.

We are often asked about the exam system and how it works.

Here's where you can learn more about how the exam process operates in Wales.

Our role in exams

Qualifications Wales monitors and scrutinises the entire process, including paper setting, marking and the awarding of grades.

Before the award of a qualification is confirmed, the awarding body must report their proposed outcomes to us.

If the overall outcomes are different to what we would expect, we ask the awarding body for an explanation.

If we are not satisfied, we can ask the awarding body to look again at the award, or to conduct additional analysis to confirm its proposed award.


Below we take a closer look at some of the key topics relating to exams including - how papers are set, what happens during marking and how grades are awarded.

The resources can be downloaded for wider sharing or future reference.