From time to time, users of the qualifications system may have reason to complain about an awarding body. In most cases, the complaint will be addressed by the awarding body without the need to bring it to the attention of Qualifications Wales.

If a complaint about a regulated qualification has been considered by an awarding body, but has not been resolved, then we will be able to consider it.


Awarding bodies must promptly notify us when they have cause to believe that any event has occurred, or is likely to occur, which could have an adverse effect. 

Types of events 

You can find examples of the types of events for which you should send a notification listed here. 

We would expect to receive information on whether or not the incident has affected, or could potentially affect, learners who are assessed wholly or mainly in Wales. Where there are no learners assessed wholly or mainly in Wales who are, or may be, potentially affected, then no notification is needed. 

Notifying Qualifications Wales

Please provide the following information when sending a notification of an event or incident: 

  • date on which you became aware of the incident 
  • nature of the incident 
  • qualifications affected, 
  • number of centres in Wales affected 
  • number of learners in Wales affected 
  • details of any actions taken at present
  • details of and a proposed timescale for any planned future actions, 
  • a proposal for when Qualifications Wales will next be updated on the incident

Please send your notifications to

You can also send any queries regarding the incident notification process, or regarding a specific event, to the same email address. 

Complaints about awarding bodies

If you have a complaint about an awarding body or a regulated qualification, you should contact the awarding body in the first instance.

However, if you have exhausted the awarding body’s complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied, you should bring the complaint to our attention.

Our Complaints about Awarding Bodies policy explains:

  • how to make a complaint about an awarding body
  • who can make a complaint
  • the circumstances under which we will or will not deal with a complaint
  • how we will handle a complaint
  • next steps you may take if you are unhappy with the way in which we deal with your complaint

Sanctions and enforcement

We will use sanctions and enforcement where necessary to protect learners’ interests but will usually seek other mechanisms to resolve issues before resorting to these actions. See our Monitoring Awarding Bodies section for more details.